Why Med Compass?

Med Compass is dedicated to bringing you the best in hearing testing and conservation

Our Full Size Booth with Acoustical Partitions

State of the Art 4 inch sound-deadening wall/floor/ceiling construction offering 3 dB better noise attenuation than 2 inch individual booths (The human ear perceives a noise as being twice as loud when increased by 3 db.)

  • Comfortable, open booths where your employees will not feel enclosed or claustrophobic
  • Full 6’ 4” ceiling for walk-in entry
  • Acoustical Partitions between employees to ensure high quality test results – (Individual booths within our full size enclosure!)

Latest Instrumentation for Hearing Testing

  • ‘State of the Art’ Benson CCA-200 mini multi-media audiometers (Multi-Language instruction available)
  • Test tones are presented 18 times to ensure that your employee accurately hears the tone
  • As each employee completes the test, the Benson system will continue to present tones, keeping the employee “busy” while the others complete the test without interruption
  • Continuous noise-level monitoring in the test booth

Documentation Analysis and Review

  • A staff of experienced personnel will interpret your results in our office with over 90 years of management’s combined experience in reviewing/analyzing data.
  • Quick, professional review and turn-around of test results
  • Our board-certified audiologist, Dr. Mark Cheple (Minnesota’s foremost course-director for hearing certification), interprets problem audiograms and provides ‘opinion letters’ for workers compensation
  • Pulmonary/Lung Function Testing reviewed by a board-certified physician for respirator certification


  • Med Compass has been in business since 1985!
  • Med Compass’ program is well-known to OSHA; peace of mind for you
  • We keep you up to date on regulatory issues on our website
  • Partnering with over 700 fire departments, our professional staff is also trained in fit testing, blood draws, EKG’s, vision testing, and more!
  • High insurance liability limits to protect our clients; $1 Million per occurrence and $4 Million general aggregate
  • Data Security Insurance; $2 Million
  • Clean, updated fleet of 12 mobile units
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your requirements


SINGLE Booth RE-125 (Theirs) vs.

GROUP Test Booth RM-183 (Ours)

According to Minnesota Pollution Control – A Guide to Noise Control in Minnesota – Page 9

“The human ear can usually tell the difference when sound changes by 3 dBA and a 5 dBA change is clearly noticeable. Because of how the logarithmic scale functions in compressing the measurements associated with sounds, an increase of 10 dBA (see above – 2000 HZ) sounds twice as loud.”

Almost every mobile medical provider that performs occupational audiometry uses Benson CCA-200 audiometers. Med Compass also utilizes the Benson BAS-200 SLM Bio-Acoustic Simulator in each test booth. Why?

The BAS-200 SLM will not allow the hearing test to be completed unless the OSHA requirements for background noise are met. If a loud noise interrupts the test while the tones are presented to the employee; the result is not logged and the tone is presented again.

BENSON CCA-200 AUDIOMETER – A test subject must correctly get 2 out of 3 consecutive responses at the same level. The same tone could be presented up to 21 times throughout the test to be accurate. We have been testing on the tarmac at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport for years.

In Summary

Med Compass utilizes a thicker wall booth for testing. According to acousticalsolutons.com, “What stops sound then? Heavy things. Layers of heavy things that are air tight.” The competition says they overcome this deficiency by adding insulation to the walls of the trailer. “FOAM DOES NOT STOP SOUND FROM GOING THROUGH WALLS!” Ask them what they use for insulation; if it isn’t a significant amount of steel or lead, it won’t work!

At the all important 2000HZ frequency, our walls are twice as quiet as the single wall booth.

Med Compass uses the Benson CCA-200 Audiometers and the BAS-200 SLM. Any noise interrupting the test will not affect the test results. See above.

To ensure the best results; the booth is only a small part of the solution. It’s the people, their process, and their competency. Our decades of experience make Med Compass the Sound Choice!


Just a few more reasons why Med Compass is the Right Choice for your Occupational Hearing or Medical Program

  • Over 38 years of experience in the Mobile Health Service business
  • Largest Mobile Health Service Company in the Upper Midwest. 12 professionally equipped trucks/trailers that have the ability to test up to 6 people at a time
  • Over 2500 satisfied clients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota
  • Over 700 Fire Departments partner with us annually for their compliance
  • Quality and professional people, from the technicians to the office personnel able to answer your questions, always a person to answer the phone
  • Long-standing relationship with OSHA; a good thing if they come in for an audit
  • Member of the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) keeps us up to date on the latest regulations and future changes
  • 4 Million Dollar insurance policy in the event an incident happens on your property
  • 2 Million Dollar Cyber/Data Security Insurance
  • Transfer of the previous test results, at no extra charge
  • No added charges, fuel, mileage, set up, etc.
  • Integrity with respect to our customers needs; we are flexible in scheduling plus offer your report in an electronic format.
  • We offer a wide variety of medical services, including Wellness programs and complete Hazmat physicals


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