OSHA Medical Screenings

For over 30 years Med Compass has led the industry as a complete quality source for OSHA-mandated medical testing services.

These screenings include:


Hearing Testing

Testing that satisfies OSHA 1910.95 and MSHA 62.110.  Med Compass’ Medical Field Manager explains the results. All testing is done with the latest multi-media, automatic audiometers. All test data is reported using Occupational Health Manager (OHM) software and easy to understand electronic reports are password protected and emailed to each client. Problem audiograms are sent to our audiologist for review. This is an annual requirement.
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Hearing Conservation Training

Testing that satisfies OSHA 1910.95 and MSHA 62.110. A short five-minute video that is viewed by each individual prior to taking their hearing test. The video, which was created exclusively for Med Compass, satisfies all of the training requirements for OSHA/MSHA when coupled with our Medical Field Manager’s explanation of the audiogram. Each employee /individual signs a document stating they have received the training and fully understands it. This is an annual requirement.

Respirator Lung Function Testing

This testing satisfies OSHA 1910.134 . The testing is in two-parts. The first requires all respirator wearers to fill out a Respirator Medical Questionnaire. Upon review from an independent physician, each employee that needs the spirometry (Pulmonary Function Test/PFT) portion of the exam is tested. The employee is given an exam that measures the capacity of their lungs and their ability to expel that air. Blood pressure is also taken during this exam. All respirator wearers receive a confidential individual sealed letter stating their results and the employer is given a list of employees who have taken the exam and any restrictions on respirator use. This is a Med Compass recommended annual requirement.

Fit Testing

This testing satisfies OSHA 1910.134. Fit testing is done to determine the proper fit of a respirator. There are two ways to perform this test, Qualitative and Quantitative. This is an annual requirement.

Qualitative is a less expensive and more subjective way to perform a fit test. A variety of strong smelling solutions are used to determine if the respirator wearer can smell the solutions due to a poor-fitting mask or a poor seal caused by aging of the mask, wrong size, or damage.

Quantitative is more scientific and requires a negative air pressure instrument to be connected to the respirator to determine leakage. The negative air pressure Fit Tester creates a vacuum that enables the on-board computer to measure for leakage. It then prints a one-page report stating the “Fit Factor” that OSHA has deemed admissible for different types of masks.


An exam given to determine the strength of the individual’s heart or any abnormalities. All EKG strips are sent to an independent physician for review.

Vision Screening

Vision testing instrumentation is used to measure near-sighted, far-sighted, color-blindness and depth perception. This visual acuity exam is commonly given to forklift operators, warehouse workers, firefighters and hazardous material teams.


A quick exam to determine the presence of pH, protein, glucose, ketone and blood in the individual’s urine.

Otoscopic Examination

Using an otoscope, the Medical Field Manager looks into the ear to observe any wax (cerumen) or objects that would impede the individual’s ability to take an accurate hearing test.

Chest X-rays

Single view x-rays (posterior) performed on-site to determine any signs of pneumoconiosis or any subtle interstitial damage.

Blood Chemistry Profile

A chemistry profile provides the individual with valuable information about his/her health. A report is sent to each person listing the different chemistries and the desired range levels.

For a more in depth breakdown of what a Blood Chemistry Profile looks at CLICK HERE.

Noise & Sound Surveys

Area Monitoring
Med Compass will perform Area Noise Monitoring (spot checks) in and around the selected facility, with as many noise readings as requested. Med Compass will provide a final report of the specific areas as indicated. The cost of the monitoring and reporting will be based on a per reading basis.

Personal Monitoring
Med Compass will attach and perform personal noise measurements on selected employees. A full 8-hour Time Weighted Average may be required if conditions require. An extrapolated shortened time frame may be adequate. We will review the data, prepare a report, and indicate on company’s supplied plant layout, specific readings.

Basic Physical (SCBA User Exam Package)

This exam is provided to those individuals that wear a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus. Most firefighters need this exam under OSHA 1910.156. The exam package includes:

  • EKG

For a more in depth breakdown of our Basic (SCBA) Physical CLICK HERE.

Comprehensive Physical (HAZMAT Exam Package)

This exam is provided to those individuals that are exposed or could be exposed to hazardous materials.

The exam package includes:

For a more in depth breakdown of our Comprehensive (HAZMAT) Physical CLICK HERE.

Wellness/Biometric Screening

Med Compass coordinates onsite biometric screenings with our trusted partner Wellvation for employers that wish to support employee health as a component of their wellness initiatives.  An on-site biometric screening event will provide your employee population with reliable and accurate information that will raise awareness of personal health and health-related matters.

Testimonial: Industrial Company


I have found the Med Compass teams to be knowledgeable, professional and have a great rapport with our employees. With one phone call, Med Compass successfully took care of the annual testing, training and documentation requirements of our hearing conservation program. They worked with our difficult schedule, arrived on time, provided a smooth, problem-free testing/training program and finished on schedule. I have recommended Med Compass to other companies, and they are always my first choice when a need arises.
John Gold, CSHM S.H.E/Wellness Manager at a private college
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