Med Compass is proud to serve our clients with our eight mobile health facilities.


Six units have 6-person customized booths, one unit has a 4-person test capability and one has a two-person testing environment.  Med Compass employs both group testing exam booths and test facilities with individual booths.

Benson Audiometric Instrumentation is employed, with the latest multi-media CCA-200 instrumentation. Occupational Health Manager (OHM) software is our database and report generator.


Portable spirometers are available. All use Koko software, which is fully integrated with OHM software

Fit Testing

  • Quantitative Fit Tester
  • Fit Tester OHD Quantifit
  • Controlled Negative Pressure
  • Qualitative Fit Tester
  • 3M qualitative fit test kits using bitter or saccharin solutions

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