Fit Testing

This testing satisfies OSHA 1910.134. Fit testing is done to determine the proper fit of a respirator. There are two ways to perform this test, Qualitative and Quantitative. This is an annual requirement.

Qualitative is a less expensive and more subjective way to perform a fit test. A variety of strong smelling solutions are used to determine if the respirator wearer can smell the solutions due to a poor-fitting mask or a poor seal caused by aging of the mask, wrong size, or damage.

Quantitative is more scientific and requires a negative air pressure instrument to be connected to the respirator to determine leakage. The negative air pressure Fit Tester creates a vacuum that enables the on-board computer to measure for leakage. It then prints a one-page report stating the "Fit Factor" that OSHA has deemed admissible for different types of masks.